Your Pick of Choose to Be Happy Quotes

If happiness is a choice, then it’s just one of many, or, at the very least, two. You can choose one extreme, which is happiness, neutral, or the other extreme, which is depression. The normal human being has many episodes of all three choices. It’s natural to be reactive to various happenings in life; however, you’ll find that being happy benefits a person the most.

A happy disposition leads to better health, for starters. Studies indicate that it boosts the immune system and raises one’s threshold of pain. Not only does happiness improve physical health, it also makes for better mental health. Happy people generally have better discipline, greater self control and finer coping skills. Other benefits include a longer life, more successful relationships and a more rewarding career.

With all the perks that go with being happy, the wise recognize that it is the way to go to have a great quality of life. Choosing to be happy is a great investment toward your health and general wellbeing. Many people who seemingly have discovered the secret to enjoying life have come up with various choose to be happy quotes. For instance, the last of the good Roman Emperors and stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius said, “To live happily is an inward power of the soul.” Happiness, after all, is a force to reckon with.

Mildred Barthel said that “Happiness is a conscious choice…”. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, work harder at motivating yourself to a brighter predilection. Here’s a tip: find a happiness maxim that suits you and let it be your mantra from now on.

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